About Us

Created by two young and dynamic entrepreneurs who were fed up with queuing instead of enjoying their lunch break.

Forget about endless queues, and make sure that your favorite shop prepares your favorite meal or snack for you by pre-ordering on SKIP-Q!

By paying and pre-ordering online, you will SKIP the QUEUE and collect it directly from the cashier 30 min after you have ordered on the platform.

Download the app and spread the rumor that queues are over!

Oh and by the way, if you have any ideas, comments or advice for us, you’re always welcome to contact us. We’re constantly developing and improving to make your life easier.

Skiply yours,

Skip-Q team

Here’s a list of some shops that already welcomed Skip-Q with open arms:

Fait Maison
Meeting Point
Pain de l’Abbaye
Idea Food
ASAP (Louise)
L’Étoilé “La Suite”
Fromagerie de la Bascule
Le Pré Vert
Maison Dandoy (Stéphanie)